So as my last undergraduate semester at BC comes to end this week it means this is my last blog post for class! As exciting as it is to be nearing the end its time to remember the things learned and the things to be missed from class and what I will take with me about Social Media when I  graduation!

So the three most important things I think I have taken away from class are:

  1. Social Media can be very beneficial in finding a job, getting a job and keeping in contact with past employers and coworkers.  I knew that social media was excellent for networking but until I took the class I thought of it as a social tool between friends not as a professional tool.  I think one of the best uses of social media is seeking employment because its easy to search connections or company’s online and keep in touch with people you meet.
  2. The correct use and/or mix of social media strategies is important to most companies and brands.  Its no longer important to just be on social media platforms for companies but it is important to use the platforms to their fullest potential for each company or brand in their own unique way.  Integrating the correct mix of strategies with traditional media outlets will be the most successful for companies and brands and will save them time, money and energy.
  3. Social Media is here to stay.  Even though some websites have come and gone with popularity social media in itself is here to stay and will be a part of our lives for years to come.  There are so many advancing apps and websites that are social or integrated with Facebook that they will continue to permeate people’s everyday lives.  Social media sites are not a passing trend that will eventually disappear they will continue to thrive and grow as our culture grows.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class this semester because I learned so much about the applications of social media in business but also because everyone in the class became friends with each other because of the twitter conversations and the blog comments.  Of course snack time was a great way part of class but I really liked hearing what every one was interested in and how the students were able to direct the twitter activity towards topics that interested us.

The 3M model that we discussed also stood out to me because it really shows the “relationship” created online and how a valuable interaction between company and customer can be formed.  The application of the 3M model in the Starbucks case was interesting and I think that day of class really stood out to me because it showed how a popular consumer company has really improved and benefited from listening to their customers online.  Social media is improving business efficiency and effectiveness and making the consumer happier which transcends not only the companies bottom line but the worlds culture.

I think that the guest speakers were very good for the most part because they actually explained how they make a living off of using social media tools.  My cousin tried to start up a site similar to Four Square where you check into major sporting events and compete against friends to win and bet on outcomes but he wasn’t successful after trying to pitch the idea to investors for 2 years so he has now taken a job at Run Keeper here in Boston.  He is making a career out of social media and loving what he is doing and that is definitely what Schneider Mike and Jen talked about when they were here and how important their jobs are to their clients continued success.

The group presentations allowed me to really learn a lot about a lot of different topics of social media that I myself didn’t even think about until some one did a presentation on them.  Getting such a wide range of topics and information about how social media affects almost every aspect of our lives is so interesting and so crucial to understanding why it is so important and why it can’t be ignored.

All and all I think this was a great class and I don’t know if it should be required in all business schools but it should definitely be pushed as a top tier elective for anyone in CSOM to take! And I definitely think once more and more people here about it it will be very difficult to get into the class!

I will be posting my final thoughts on my individual project on the class wiki as well as on this blog so come back to read it and comment on it because I would love to keep the conversation going after the class is over!



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